Monday, November 30, 2009

I love paper!

Happy post Thanksgiving everyone! Hope you are all making good use of those yummy leftovers....I was afraid we wouldn't have any sweet potato casserole leftover, but I made enough for a few nights extra :)

Over the past few weeks I have been busy working on some new stuff for my Etsy shop, mostly some embroidery, and I did the illustration below. This was a concept for a woman who is writing a book about her adopted daughter. I won't be doing the book, but it was a lot of fun to open up my digital scrap paper drawer, and get some practice in. It's been awhile since I've done some digital stuff, and I really love how the piece came out.

I'm working on getting permission to post my pillows for Working Class Studio that I did last spring, so hopefully those will be up soon too. I still don't have Dreamweaver, so I unfortunately won't be able to update my site anytime soon. Keep checking here for new stuff!

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Etsy shop up!

I just posted my first item for sale on my new Etsy shop, sarahannmontes!  So far, it's just the one item, I didn't have time to take all the pictures I needed to for the other items before work today.  I will be posting more tomorrow. Here's a peek at what I've got up so far:

Besides these ornaments, I'm working on some paintings for some notecards I want to put up, though I probably won't be able to get to those until after Christmas. I've got so many ideas for handmade gifts this year, and with some freelance starting to pick up, I just don't think I'll have the time for a while to work on my own stuff.

Anyways, check out the Etsy shop! More items will be up soon!

Friday, September 18, 2009

A dash of Illustrator, a pinch of pretty

Since starting my job in early August, I haven't had much time for illustration, but I've been learning a lot about graphic design from the projects at work. I put together this design for recipe cards a few nights ago, and I've been picking out favorite recipes to print on them. I'll be printing them myself on some heavy cardstock and "laminating" them with contact paper to keep them dry and clean in the kitchen.

This recipe for chocolate ricotta mousse is amazing. I love it with fresh raspberries :)

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Up and Running

So, I've been sitting here trying to think of some clever opening line to break that "first post" awkwardness, but alas....this is all I've got.

Let's see. It's been about 4 months since graduation and 3 and half since I married this guy, the love of my life! I was lucky enough to get a semi-full time job at a t-shirt printing company, and I've been playing housewife in the down time. I've just started working on a new series, (still sketching), and a portrait of my Grandmother that my Grandpa requested. I'm super excited to get started working on both, and am hoping for something substantial enough to post soon.

That's that, then.