Wednesday, June 16, 2010

And the nominees are....

My wonderful friend Megan and her AMAZING wedding blog, Glamour and Grace, is getting great exposure and is the newest source for all brides to be (and even those of us who already tied the knot, but still swoon over all things wedding) to find unique inspiration and style ideas! Her fabulous blog is so beautifully done, I think each and every one of you needs to hop on over to Wedding Channel RIGHT NOW! and nominate her for their "Best Wedding Style Blog" award. It's so quick and easy! Just click the link below, and make her day!

Best Wedding Style Blog

PS. I am a terrible blogger. I know it has been AGES since I have put anything remotely artistic up, and I feel like a schmoe. I recently finished my internship with Carters, and I'll be able to devote more time to freelance and personal work in the near future. First things first though-my inner Monica is going through a cleaning/organizing/ocd frenzy, getting this apartment back up to speed (a full time job out of the home a messy house makes)! If it isn't clean and glistening, I can't make pretty art. Stayed tuned, my (hopefully) loyal readers....I WILL be back. Promise!