Saturday, January 23, 2010

Weekend Update

In the spirit of new years resolutions and being more productive, this is my third post so far this year! Let's hope I can keep this up, because things have just gotten a lot busier. I landed a job!

Last February I was able to meet with Carter's about doing an internship after graduation, via the SCAD Career Fair. I didn't get it, and was sure that an amazing opportunity had passed me by forever (melodramatic, I know. Bear with me). But back in November, I found out that they were hiring interns again, and I took a chance and sent in my resume. I was called for an interview a few weeks later, and this past Thursday I got the job offer! I start in one week (have to kick this bronchitis first), and I couldn't be more excited!

And if that wasn't enough to make my week, SCAD contacted me about doing an interview with The Associated Press about my pillows for Working Class Studio, and I just found a blog that featured my pillows and some other WCS product on their Friday post! Check out the blog here.

Things are happening!

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

The Sarah Collection Pillows-Working Class Studio

They're here! My pillows, created when I was an intern with SCAD's Working Class Studio in Spring 2009, are finally here!

These pillow designs were inspired by the architecture and jewelry designs of the Mediterranean. They were originally created with a brush and india ink, making loose, flowing lines, and then colored in Illustrator using the Working Class Studio color palate.

It was so much fun to work with WCS, and to create these pillows, and I'm so thrilled that mine were chosen to be included in their collection. Check them out at the Working Class Studio website, and see the press release on SCAD's news page. Purchase information can be found at

New Etsy Items Available!

Yay! New embroideries up on Etsy!

I've been working on these for a while now, and they are finally up on Etsy. There are three total, Flowers, Leaves, and Trees, and are part of a series, though they can be purchased separately. I will be starting some new ones soon, with a different theme, but for now I'll leave it a mystery. Can't go giving away all my secrets you know!

Check out my Etsy shop at, or just click on the widget in the sidebar.