Monday, July 11, 2011

I heart paper!

So, last fall and winter I was on a crafting spree. Seriously. We couldn't use our kitchen table for months, it was so covered in fabric, beads, ribbon, paper, glue, paint.....I was a woman on a mission. There were a couple of craft fairs in our area that I participated in, and I couldn't stop coming up with ideas! I still haven't gotten around to posting all the leftovers on Etsy, but you can find these earrings in my shop.


The paper beads were made by gluing together 1 inch circles punched out of a vintage french textbook. It was tedious work, and they are very delicate (they have been sprayed with copious amounts of a shellac to protect them from tearing), but they are quite stunning statement earrings.

These cards aren't in my shop yet, and honestly, I love them so much, I may just use them myself! I saw this place card DIY from Design*Sponge, and thought they would be just as adorable as notecards. These were super cheap to make because I already had all the scrap-booking paper on hand, and I only had to buy some cardstock and envelopes. A few hours with an x-acto knife and my sewing machine, and voila! 

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