Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Friends in far places

Wow. Today was a really long day. Good to be home, getting ready for date night with Dave (Whole Foods picnic!).

Yesterday I was contacted on Etsy by Jen from SimplyInvitingCards. She has some adorable handmade cards, scrapbooks, papers; basically anything you could want for your correspondence needs. She featured one of my headbands on her blog, and it's getting my Etsy shop some great exposure! Thanks Jen! You can see her blog here, with a picture of my headband! (Click here for the Etsy Treasury page it's featured on).

I have to say that I have been so impressed and wowed by the amount of artists out there who cross-promote each other, and the whole idea of discovering the undiscovered, and sharing it with the world! We shouldn't be in competition with each artists, we should be inspiring each other, helping each other become successful, and achieve our individual goals and dreams together! I know I have felt it from other artists, and I want to give back and help my fellow creatives as well.

So that's my inspiring thought for the day :) Off to get some yummy food!

P.S. Started a new illustration tonight...realized that the whole Sarah Montes Illustration and Design moniker only makes sense if I have actual illustrations to show for it. Hopefully I can share it with you all soon!

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